May 28th, 2012



We took care of some of our train trip stuff in the morning after breakfast (or rather, I did), and then Swen, his wife Ilka (of one month and a couple of weeks) and his youngest son, whom I had not met, arrived from Hanover. We went for a walk through the Botanical Gardens (including Kati and Kai, who only wanted to talk to Mark and was shy around Nick because ‘it’s awkward to talk to strangers’), and then had a lovely Sunday dinner with roasted vegetables and a feta-based sauce that Imke made for all of us. We hung out in the garden after our meal, and Kai and Nick played on the computer; Mark and I actually wandering in and out because I was dealing with laundry and the conversation also got a bit exhausting in terms of translating back and forth. Mark eventually started messing with some of the many photos he took, while I sat with Hermann, Swen and Ilka but kept dozing off (the day had started somewhat early but very pleasantly at 6:30 🙂 ). Then we all had coffee and a big torte that Ilka had brought, and around 4:45 everyone took off — Imke, Hermann and the kids for a musical theater event in Tecklenburg, and Ilka, Swen and Nick to go back to Hanover. Mark and I got a very pleasant evening off, with time for e-mails and journaling and sitting in the back yard still in absolutely fantastic weather.


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