Sunday, July 15 — TAM 2012 in Las Vegas


This was our last day at TAM, and we did not attend a lot more sessions, sleeping in a bit in the morning and listening to one more talk by Steven Novella and one session on “alternative medicine” — and later a very audience-participation-oriented presentation on the many flaws in the working of our brain by another podcaster, Brian Dunning. That was very revealing and went far beyond the usual optical illusions etc. In between events, we packed and checked out, had another very simple lunch–salad & sandwich–so that when we were ready to leave in the afternoon, it was just a very simple process. We got over to the Rio in less than half an hour, and had plenty of time to settle into our room (this one, on the 25th floor, had quite the impressive view), check on the World Series of Poker, and take a longish walk over to the strip, where we had some salad in Caesar’s palace, and saw the silly fountain animatronics before we went back to the Rio. This was our night to go to the Penn & Teller show (after having seen them talk and having seen Penn all over TAM, that was especially fun), and we had a blast. I personally preferred Teller’s rather quiet (well, mime!) style to Penn’s loud and crazy stuff, but I guess the two really go together. They certainly never ceased to surprise us all evening–there was always a twist to each trick that was completely unexpected. The show lasted until about 10:45 and then we went to bed.

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