July 13th 2013


Up at 5:40, alarm was set for 5:45.  Still needed to get up overnight to use the “facilities”. Breakfast was watery rice and zucchini.  Packed up things and headed to the first school for solar panel installation.  The kids were curious as usual.  We got Erik and Brandon up in the attic chasing spiders and hornets.  Before lunch, the cables were run from the roof to the attic and the measurements were made to be able to drill the rails.  Lunch was rice with a chunk of chicken.  It also had something like peas but it is hard to be sure.  There was also a couple of bananas as usual.  After lunch we got the ground rod in but connecting the conduit to the side of the building was a problem.  We managed to get two anchor points in and called it good.  The translator  hacked off a sugar cane and gave us some of it to try.  It was very sweet.  It was 3:00 before we got the panels ready to install but everything stopped when the rain started.  Back to camp where I managed to get a connection for trading text messages with Antje.  I ran out of underwear and simple shirts because my laundry hasn’t come back yet.  I sent it off on Thursday.  I hand washed one of the backpacking shirts and underwear before dinner.  I was expecting rice and zebu so I was surprised when it was spaghetti.  It actually tasted very good.  Many in the camp still have stomach issues. Likely cause is not treating the water properly.  We did bring our own filter and haven’t had much for issues.  By he time we were done with dinner and a bit of chatting, it was dark.  The camp lights are usually off by 7:00, so if you want to see, bring your own light.  I got in a bucket shower and another round of text messages before heading back to my tent.

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