July 23rd 2013

Woke up at 1am, it was raining.  Slowed a bit when I woke at 3, but was still raining when I got up at 6:15.  Breakfast was egg and rice.  Eggs were good and I ate some of the rice.  Today is teacher training.  This is done by the students, so I just need to listen.  Should be 6 teachers at the first school at Ambohitsara.  Still raining at 8:15.  Should have had the students go over several of the ideas before with just me, they were a bit lacking on a couple of details.  Rain stopped before we were done.  Back to the camp early, maybe 9:30 or so.  I read for an hour and a half before lunch.  Stomach felt a bit funny so I didn’t eat much of my zebu and rice.  It did have potatoes and carrots so I did eat those.  I even finished off a banana before calling it quits.  Stomach wasn’t getting worse, so I thought I would just go check the email.  I did get a short nap in. Got up at 1:40 and we headed to Fotobohitra for the teacher training there.  Bigger group, with 13 people here, most of which I have not seen before.  Two more showed up a bit later.we were out of there about 4:45.  Back to camp.  Played on the Internet a bit and traded several texts with Antje.  Dinner about 5:30, it was better with spaghetti and ground zebu.  No tomato sauce, but it still tasted ok.  I managed to tell the cook only a small portion as my stomach didn’t feel normal.  I did eat most of what I got.  Sat around and talked with the guys for 30 minutes or so before brushing teeth and heading back up to the loft.  Internet wasn’t working very well and called it a night about 7:45.

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