July 25th 2013

Up a couple of minutes after 6, needed to unlock the gate so they can get their stuff.  Breakfast was eggs and rice.  A quiet day is expected so I started reading on the Kindle.  Libby was headed out to pick up the bread we ordered yesterday, and I tagged along.  I took a few photos of the bakery.  The rolls we picked up were kinda like cinnamon rolls without cinnamon.  He also asked if we wanted to look at some stones that were mined about 9K from here.  He brought out a couple of small bags.  They were very low grade rubies.  Similar to what I got at the gem show.  He wanted 50,000 for the 4 larger ones and we gave him 40,000 ($18), he was happy.  I got one of the stones.  Back at camp, a vender was selling gold and I picked up an earring  for Antje.  I think they were made in Manancary.  Just killed time till lunch.  Lunch was rice and sausage with some carrots and green beens on top.  It was ok clouded up a bit, hope it doesn’t rain.  Read a bit more then traded a couple of texts with Antje as she was on an early morning walk.  At about 2:30 we headed over to the Kianjavato school for an evaluation of last years system.  It seems to get a lot of use by both the students and the teachers after class especially in the winter months.  He demo of the 12V adapter failed and I didn’t bring anything to debug it with me.  We will come back on Saturday to fix it.  Suspect the connector wire pulled out.  Back to camp.  They were running the generator so we quickly plugged in everything that needed charging.  That included the iPad so texting was delayed a bit.  Dinner was chicken and rice.  The chicken was brought in earlier today live.  It tasted ok, but was rather tough.  There was some of the carrot salad on the rice so I ate that and some of the rice.  Kate and Steph were having computer problems so assisted with what I could.  Couldn’t help Steph, hers is a Windows box, Kate’s machine was a rather new mac with a cracked display.  Not sure what hers was doing, it worked better for me, but it still has issues.  Called it a night about 8:30.


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