Wednesday, June 4

I have to say that it was VERY nice for all of us not to have to do any traveling today! Kai slept in while Mark and I took off fairly early in the morning and had breakfast at the corner bakery; it was warm and sunny enough to do this outside even at 9 am, and very nice. We then walked to the nearby lake, which is a really nice area for walks, with lots of mature trees and a nice walking / biking path all the way around it. By the time we had walked around it and back home, we had walked 7.8 kilometers (about 5 miles) in 1 hour 45 minutes. We putzed around with computer things until it was time to have lunch with Imke, who had made us a lovely potato salad, which we had with Vienna sausages, which are quite a different deal in Germany from those little cocktail wienies. We spent the (rainy) afternoon at home, working on some business-related issues and on uploading photos, and napping (what a wonderful thing), and had bread and cold cuts for dinner; Imke had been out with a friend, but joined us right as we were starting to eat. By the time we were done, it had cleared up, and we went for another little walk and then looked at old photos and my journal from when I was 11 before turning in. I think Kai spent basically all day in front of the computer playing a game, so clearly his idea of a non-traveling day was rather different from ours! We went to bed around 11. 

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