Tuesday, June 10

Mark and I got up around 8 and got rolls and bread from the bakery to have breakfast with Imke. We puttered around for a bit and walked downtown around 11 for a simple lunch at an outdoor cafe called Polly Esther and some ice cream at our favorite gelateria. My back was bothering me, so after we had walked back, I took a nap and we generally took it easy for the rest of the day, reading and puttering on the computer. Imke was gone all afternoon, but came back in time to have dinner with us; and Kai, who basically spent the day in his room except for meals, came on a postprandial walk with Mark and me, so that was fun. We got to say hi to Imke’s friend Sonja, who had stopped by, but wrapped up the day fairly early with some journaling for me and blinking lights in Mark’s case. 


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