July 28th 2016


Up 5:40, but didn’t get out of the tent till almost 6, breakfast was soggy
rice with greens. We packed up and headed to Kinjavato to replace conduit.
It will take at least a day maybe two. Back for lunch of rice potatoes, and
carrots. Got a camera battery and the Anker 10K on charge before we headed
back to Kinjavato. Not as productive this afternoon. A bit rain at 3:30
forced us to work for a bit inside and it was 4:30 without getting much more
done. Back at camp, I took a fast shower with very cold water. Dinner was
cauliflower, green beans, peas, and rice. A bit salty but taste is ok.
Didn’t stay up too late, maybe 8:30. Did finish Vienna this afternoon.




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