Tuesday, August 7: West Wendover, Nevada, to Ogallala, Nebraska



Another long driving day: over 700 miles, again with a lot of reading by yours truly (we are reading David Lodge, Changing Places, which is a joy to reread this way). We got up a little later than Monday morning (about 7:00) and were on the road pretty much all day. We stopped 10 miles or so outside of Wendover to step onto the Salt Flats and marvel at the salt crust and the flatness all around us. But we only looked at the Great Salt Lake in passing and just drove on out of Utah and into Wyoming, where we had lunch (at a Subway’s) right inside the Wyoming border, in Evanston. We drove through all of Wyoming, had lunch in Sydney (at a Perkins’) and then, because hotel rooms were scarce and expensive in Sydney because of the nearby Sturgis motorcycle rally, we drove on to Ogallala, where we got the last room in a Rodeway Inn (most recently redecorated in the late 70s).

Wednesday, August 8: Ogallala, NE to Lincoln, NE — End of Road Trip

We got up early, had a bite to eat at the Rodeway Inn’s free (& meager) continental breakfast, and were home without any hitches before noon. I finished reading Changing Places to Mark about 30 miles outside of Lincoln, so that was great timing. It was really nice to be back, and even the return-home chores (laundry, shopping for a few days, sorting things into piles) were not a big deal and didn’t take us that long. I had a bit of an upset stomach most of the day, but I am not really sure what that was about.

What a wonderful trip it’s been! Both of us agree that we haven’t had a summer before that has been that much fun, and so stress-free, even with 6,000 + miles / 111 hours of car time (the GPS has been keeping track for us). And we are both glad we have this journal, with the photos, because how would we otherwise remember all the things we’ve seen and done? There were so many highlights, it would be almost impossible to keep track.